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What is EMDR?

EMDR is also known as Reprocessing Therapy. It is a treatment modality that can be used for a broad range of emotional issues. It utilizes several therapy modalities such mindfulness, cognitive therapy, emotional focused therapy, and somatic therapy.  It is most commonly referenced with soldiers suffering from PTSD but can be used for so much more. EMDR treats trauma, anxiety, depression, shame, and addiction.  EMDR uses a common phrase which says, "past is present". EMDR accesses those past memories as well as our emotions, negative beliefs about oneself, body sensations, and images around those past events. EMDR then helps reprocess those target memories. 

How does EMDR work?

EMDR works by using bilateral stimulation (i.e. eye movement or sound) to stimulate the right and left sides of our brain which in turn helps facilitate healing. The goal with EMDR is to target negative memories and reprocess those memories so that you have little to no disturbance in the present day. When we experience a negative / traumatic event our bodies (heart, soul, mind, body) store those sensations. Many times we are able to naturally reprocess negative events. But there are other times where negative events get locked up in our brain. These are the moments when we feel stuck. EMDR helps reprocess so that we can experience healing and resolve.